Fabio Ramirez is a bass player with strong influences from rock, blues and metal. Since the age of 16 he has been working as a performer, recording artist and music tutor. 

As a performer he started in the early days playing in cover bands with many different players, building musicality and solid skills of interplay with other musicians. Fabio has played with an eclectic array of musicians on a wide variety of projects, from metal bands to musicals and pop productions. As well as working with other musicians and producers, he is also a recording artist currently working on new music for his solo career, trying to explore the role and the possibilities of the electric bass within his musical influences. 

In 2014 Fabio begun a collaboration with the metal band Lannon for the production of their first EP

In 2015 Fabio released his first solo album, The Marathon, where he incorporates his personal bass playing styles with melodic rock. He is currently working on a second record.

In 2016 he became very active on the London busking scene with the band Pineapple Road Explosion, showcasing an instrumental funk rock with pshychedelic elements such as noises and repetitive trance beats.

Also in 2016 he joined the indie rock band Rising Without a Kingdom, performing in several venues and festivals across the UK 

In 2017 Fabio in aiming to perform as much as possible with Pineapple Road Explosion and release the first EP of the band. He is also aiming to release his second solo album towards the end of the year.

Fabio has been playing with talented musicians around the world such as: Odette Adams, Dave Hattee, Michael Davies, Miguel Montalban, Matt Love, Chris Johnson, Rafael Monteiro, Carsten Moss, Dov Rosen, Itai Freed, Dino Fiorenza, Davide Marini, Matthew Reinhardt,  Andrea Turco, Igor Jankovsky, Lucien Yorg, Johnny Icon, Sarah Reeves, Veronica Largiu, Luciano Fiore, Vita Ventura, Rudi Riviere, Michael Chackley, Mark Hughes, Tomomasa Yagisawa, Steve Lombardi, Sass Hoory, Jamie LeMercier, Freddie Morgan, Jake Heath, Aidan Connell, Michele Camasso and many others.

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